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It’s the perfect way to stand out from the crowd while adding a sleek look.


Chrome delete can be done by paint or by vinyl depending on the parts you prefer black.

We can blackout badges, bumpers, windows trims and more. We also tint headlights and taillights to match the chrome delete theme. Stop by our shop to get an estimate for chrome delete on your vehicle.


Looking to Protect and Customize your Tesla?

VersionEX offers several different options to make your Tesla unique.

We can assist you in looking for new Wheel & Tire combinations.  We offer Paint Protection Film for your Tesla in a variety of Packages.


We can apply Ceramic Tint to your Tesla which offers the most heat rejection in your glass covered Tesla. It also helps keep the interior in top shape from Sun Damage.

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A 2 Stage Paint Correction will leave your car looking brand new.

It’s important to protect your car once you’ve corrected the paint, we strongly recommend Ceramic Coat and Clear Bra Film for your perfect paint.

We start this off by thoroughly washing the vehicle to remove dirt and surface debris. The next step is clay bar decontamination. The detailing clay is able to extract harmful contaminants that can’t be removed from washing. Some of the common particles removed by clay bar include brake dust, rail dust and pollutants found in acid rain.

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